Class 12 Economics E-Book PDF Notes, Important Questions in Hindi

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Class 12 Economics E-Book PDF Contains:

  • Detailed Point-wise Notes of Every Chapter
  • Includes all the new topics as per Board Syllabus
  • Integrated Video Links
  • Attractive Presentation and Typography 
  • Infographics and Images
  • Complete Solution for All Exams


Class 12 Economics E-Book PDF (Hindi Medium)

Criss Cross Classes introduces the “Class 12 Economics Both Books (Samashti Arthshatra, Bhartiya Arthshatra)” eBook in Hindi! This book is like your guide for understanding politics in a simple way.

Key Features:

  1. Colourful Notes: The notes in the book have lots of colours. This makes learning fun and helps you remember things better.
  2. Awesome Pictures: There are pictures that show complicated ideas in an easy way. These pictures make it fun to learn about politics.
  3. Simple Explanations: The book explains things step by step. It’s not confusing at all. You’ll understand everything easily.
  4. Important Questions: We collected all the important questions you might see in your exams. So, you’ll be ready and confident for your tests.
  5. Learn Everything: The book talks about everything in Class 12 Economics Both Books (Samashti Arthshatra, Bhartiya Arthshatra). You won’t miss anything. It covers everything you need to know.
  6. Easy Language: The book is in Hindi, so it’s easy to understand. You don’t need to worry about difficult language. It’s made for you to enjoy and learn.
  7. Always Updated: We keep the book updated. This means you’ll have the latest information. You won’t miss anything important.


Start your journey into the Economics with this eBook. It’s not just a book – it’s your friend to help you understand and enjoy studying. Get ready to do well in your exams and have fun learning about the world of politics!

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